Chicken, Kale & White Bean Soup

This all-season soup recipe is the perfect comfort food that is not just absolutely delicious, but also good for the body. The healthy combination of chicken and kale with the creamy white cannellini beans makes for a truly hearty soup recipe that is destined to be a staple in your home. To kick things up…

Garlic Mushroom & Spinach | Easy Healthy Recipe

This amazing Garlic Mushroom and Spinach recipe is so unbelievably delicious and yet so easy to make. And did I mention how healthy this dish is? This is one Keto-compliant dish that is guaranteed to become a staple in your home. You can enjoy it as a main dish or serve it as a side…

Truffle Steak On A Budget

If you’ve ever had Truffle Steak, you know nothing’s quite like it. The earthiness of the Truffle paired with the flavor of a good steak makes for an utterly delicious culinary experience. Everyone should have a good Truffle Steak at least once in life, but we all know that at about $160 per ounce, this…

Keto-friendly Peas & Mushrooms with Bacon

Here’s a quick and easy sautéed peas and mushroom dish that can be served both as a side dish and entree. It is healthy and keto-friendly, and the bacon adds such a beautiful flavor to the dish. You should try it! NB: Skip the bacon for a vegan version of this recipe.

Shrimps In Spicy Coconut Cream Sauce

Shrimps, or any kind of seafood for that matter, paired with Coconut cream is a match made in heaven! I really love this recipe because not only is it extremely delicious, but it is also so easy to make. It is a one-pan dish that is ready in less than 30 minutes, and don’t we…

Salmon In Creamy Tuscan Sauce

The distinct flavor and colorfulness of Salmon,coupled with the ease of cooking it, makes Salmon my everyday fish of choice. You can jazz it up for a fancy dinner or pair it down for a simple dish. Speaking of fancy dinners, this Salmon in creamy Tuscan sauce is perfect for dinner with a special person….

Mozzarella & Mushroom Stuffed Chicken in Creamy Tuscan Sauce

This Chicken dish is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser! The creaminess from the mozzarella and Tuscan sauce pairs beautifully with the earthiness of the mushrooms to create a truly delightful dish that you, your family and guests would love. Try it!